Week 9 Reflection
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Week 9 Reflection

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This week the coalition met, and members discussed perspectives that differed from their own and whether sharing these different perspectives changed their view on a particular topic. I think we did a good job of doing this, but I did not feel like everyone who may have had a different opinion shared. I liked that we had a moderator because it gave structure and kept the pace of the meeting well. I also think that when you don’t have a moderator, you are forced to sit through the uncomfortable parts of coalition work. Sometimes, not having a moderator forces members to ride out the awkward pauses, which can seem unproductive, but sometimes these moments end up connecting people when they do happen because they have a way of exposing a shared vulnerability among members. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we have experienced that yet, with or without a moderator.


(I accidentally posted this under the tab ‘Reflect on the journal entries from weeks 5-9’. This is just a response to the meeting last Tuesday. I will post a separate reflection under the Week 9 with a section that includes a response to a journal entry from week 5-9). 

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