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Response to Response on Victim Blaming Post

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The first thing that I would like to make clear is that I personally did not want to go to that taco truck that night, so it sucks to hear that it was my fault for simply being there when I really didn't want to be there. It was my friends from home who did. I rarely ever see my friends from home, so if I have the chance to spend time with them I am. They really wanted some tacos in the A.M. just like old times, so I just went along with it. Again, we had gone to that taco truck in the AM's numerous times before, and they have a security guard, so when I went into the situation, the last thing I expected was to get harassed by some fucking ass hole. Third, I am aware that I didn't HAVE to be there, but the point is that I unfortunately was and his actions are not my fault, nor my friend's fault.  I don't blame you for having the response you did. Because guess what? Your response is the exact same response that my mom, dad, and boyfriend had. So to a certain extent, you guys are right...why the fuck were we there? We should have just kept our asses inside. But again, we didn't. And as a result, I was harassed. So where does that leave me? Where does the person who was forced to face this ass hole get left? It leaves me feeling like a piece of shit filled with regret of a situation that I guess I should have taken more control over at the time. In addition, it leaves me with no one to comfort me over a traumatic experience because I should have never been there in the first place. So, yeah...

P.S. - I don't go out anymore.