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5-9 Reflection Post

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So far the journal posts have been a lot more authentic than the in class discussion I think. This both makes me happy and frustrates the hell out of me. It is great that people feel comfortable online to make their thoughts known on the discussion board but the frustration arises when those posts get diluted in conversation and the people do not want to discuss in class coalition. I totally understand the silence though. It is hard in a room of strong individuals to disagree and stand out as possible the only person who think a certain way. Especially in the society we live in where you can get reprimanded or judged for thinking or acting in any certain way, it is hard knowing that what you say can and will be used in judgements made against you. For this reason I both love the discussion board and hate it at this current state in our coalition. In some respects I wish class was like the board.

Reading the posts, something I really appreciate is how seriously people are taking them. It is easy to just type up a little blip and be down with it without giving it a second thought, but I think people are actually putting effort into the posts and that makes for a more vibrant and productive community. I was worried when Taylor said we weren’t getting graded for content, just participation, that a lot of people were going to not take the discussion board very seriously, however I truly feel this has not been the case. People are actively engaging and these engagements have prompted some very interesting conversations and reflections.