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Week 7

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We went over quite a bit this past simulation. We mentioned how the media perpetuates derogatory behavior and images towards women in music and in film. We discussed how we should go about addressing this issue, and someone brought the idea that we should reclaim and redefine certain words that are used to describe women in a disrespectful manner. I feel that this could be seen as two ways: 1) women are ultimately still using the words that were put upon them in order to "label" them or 2) empowering because now women are the ones who use these terms but with a more positive connotation. I find it frustrating that I listen to music that is demeaning towards women, especially because as a feminist, I find it hypocritical. Therefore, I am very on board with changing the way these words are used. My critique however, is will this actually change the way people FEEL about women. For example, once words have been redefined and most likely used among a larger, more inclusive audience, wouldn't that just cause artists to create and utilize new derogatory terms to describe women? Maybe I am overanalyzing this, but I think the biggest issue at hand is the perception of women and the objectification of them. Somehow, someway, women (not only the "bad bitch," but all the "bitches and hoes") need to be respected in lyrics, and having such lyrics should be the "cool" thing in music. Anyway, just some food for thought!