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Week 7

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This week's meeting led to some interesting conversation that will ultimately lead to a productive end. The discussion for reclaiming and redefining words is one that I find extremely helpful in that at first I was a little hesitant to contribute, but have now heard why this movement might be particularly helpful in changing attitudes. For example, in first thinking about reclaiming words or phrases, I thought of how problematic it was hearing everyone discuss the ways for which they might use these derogatory (myself included), but saying it is OK for one person to use it and not another. I feel that it kind of is a little hypocritical to say one person can say something and another cannot based on their gender and race, but I also understand why. After hearing the reasons for why we need to reclaim and redefine words, I am completely on board with the idea and this it would really contribute to fighting the ways for which society perpetuates rape culture, especially in music and pop culture. I don't know. It's sometimes just hard because I understand both sides of things, where it can be problematic, but also helpful in fighting these oppressive systems. Overall, I am all for action to reclaiming and redefining derogatory terms as our own.