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Week 6

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I really enjoyed this week's conversation. While many shared personal stories, we discussed issues of double standards. I found this to be extremely helpful in moving our conversations from personal stories to concepts and ideas we might want to address once personal story sharing is over. This class was a good transition to get the class thinking in ways that not only asks how rape culture has affected you, but kind of going outside ourselves now into a more productive ring for the coalition. While I kind of agree with some that at times it felt as though we were not being productive, as well as got off topic. I really do think we are moving in the right direction in relating our personal stories to real issues that must be addressed through the coalition. Despite the drama that unfolded in class, I found that it was helpful in bringing new conversation to the table, especially with the whole double-standards conversation. However, I want to stress that the coalition must remain a safe space, whether it is comfortable or not. Everyone should be able to contribute in ways they seek fit, without fear of being ridiculed or discriminated against because they do not hold the same opinions as others.