Reflection Week #6
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Reflection Week #6

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I want to start off by saying that I understand why someone thought it ironic that a male lead our feminist coalition, but I also think it was unnecessary. Although you did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings or silence anyone that is what you inevitably did. I couldn't help but notice that AJ did not make any commentary outside of the comment that was made towards him on the reflection post. To me, this isn't okay because he is an ally. He did a great job moderating regardless of the fact that he is male. I really hope that from here on out he is not intimidated by the post or the fact that he is a minority in the class.

Additionally, I don't think that the solution is to not have a moderator. Although the meeting flowed nicely, I think it is important to have someone up front keeping track of who raised their hands first. That way anybody who raises their hand will not have to worry about getting skipped over. People not having the chance to speak I think is the biggest problem that I noticed when we did not have a moderator. 

Furthermore, I enjoyed how Sabah started the class by showing a video. I think that that was an excellent way to get people talking and thinking about the ways rape culture is perpetuated in the media and inherently through ourselves. It would be interesting to see other ways in which rape culture is portrayed in our media in the future. I also enjoy how Ang ties our life experiences to the readings in class. Sometimes the readings are so abstract it is hard to see how it relates to reality. Thanks to Ang I am going to start reading the text through a different lens and try and find ways in which it correlates to the reading. 

Overall, I would say we are making leeway and I look forward to our next meeting!