Week 5 Reflection
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Week 5 Reflection

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This week I like many other people have felt like we are becoming more comfortable with one another. It is incredibly sad to me when I hear stories that are so similar and that almost everywoman can relate to in class. Also there was a lot of people absent 2 weeks ago which was when we all first began to share our experiences and I think just listening to everyones experiences is important. I think we should focus on not only stories but also moving forward in the coalition. While at the same time continuing to listen to other peoples stories just so that people that have not shared to feel pressured into sharing just because they still have not. These two weeks there has not been tension because we all have been talking about how we felt and there is certainly more tension when we talk about definitions or about how we should deal going forward in our coalition. Lastly I always appreciate that so many people can open up and be honest about such a sensitive subject. This week in particular there was a lot of talk about body image and how this does relate to rape culture and I really appreciated that Tabitha spoke up about what types of body types are more desired over others and why those who do not fit the mainstream body type figureĀ  are not wanted. This has been a toxic thing for me as well because everyone has the same ideal body type of having a flat stomach and being skinny. I really felt what Tabitha was talking about because this causes young girls who dont fit the norm to think that there is something wrong with them or their bodies and once again perpetuates the problem. Another issue that I like that is discussed is the double standard. I think that we must acknowledge that rape culture affects both men and women and that rape culture is not just a woman's issue. This may be another issue that we discuss and how it affects men, women, and those who identify as transgender.