Week 5 Reflection
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Week 5 Reflection

Gladys Canby
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I thought this week was relatively productive and I can sense that we are getting more comfortable with one another. I thought introducing a connection to the texts we are studying was an interesting perspective and I am still questioning whether our bodies are our own or not. I can tell that some people are still hesitant to speak up, which is completely understandable but I hope that people recognize that it is a safe space for everyone to share. There certainly is a commonality among many of the stories shared, and it's important to point out those commonalities because I believe that is how we can reach the very root of the problem. By sharing stories, I feel like we are all starting to realize that it is a systematic problem and that it is present in almost every sphere of society. I know that last weeks sharing was a little more successful in drawing every one closer together and I hope that we can maintain that stamina of comfortable and productive conversation. I still have a sense that we don't have a clear direction but I know it is extremely important to share these stories as many are affected by this social injustice, but I hope that in the coming weeks we can build a groundwork for combating or educating to reduce rape culture. I know that is a big task to approach, and we may not even get there, but I think it is important that we find common ties among the stories and acknowledge how this is a very learned habit by nearly all members of society. My hope is that we will reach a point where every one feels comfortable sharing at some point though.