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Reflecting back on the coalition journals that have been submitted so far, there are definitely some themes that flow throughout most, if not all of the posts. For the most part, everyone thinks this issue is a large, encompassing beast. The general consensus seems to be that we opened up a can of worms and exposed the individual ties we all may have to this issue of rape culture that we might note have recognized before. In all the posts, members share the feelings they felt when hearing certain stories and many drew connections to their own experiences and feelings. This alone has been a beautiful thing to see, even if it is not the goal of this simulation of assignment. I think a lot of the time we all internalize the ways we feel oppressed, especially as strong women and men, to save face and to maintain the image of that individuality. However, actually breaking the cone of silence around such a universal issue has, I argued, made us stronger as a movement and individuals. I cannot help but relate it to the #metoo movement, which prompted so many women (and men) to share their stories of abuse. Once someone else shares, the door is open for all. I especially saw people starting to make this realization, just like I have made, in the journal entries.
Another thing that members are focusing on a lot is the moderator of the coalition. Some have argued for Cierra and some for AJ. I think that in the grand scheme of things, AJ and Cierra and every other moderator we have had, have not effected the content of our coalition. The individual members of this coalition have personal feelings about having a “dominant” voice as a “leader” or moderator but I think among all this talk, only a few have actually mentioned how this dynamic has affected the content of our coalition, and I honestly think it has not affected it much at all. 
In a more general analysis, I often agree with ToTheLight. I think asking the pivotal questions that She/He does, specifically in Week 4, this coalition can attempt to unify around finding the answers. Also I enjoy the rhetoric being used by a lot of the members concerning the sharing of stories. Describing it as “breaking bread” and the positivity language surrounding the sharing of stories gives me optimism in the open-mindedness of the group. As Tulip2121 shared “I would like to thank everyone in the class because this is one of the most difficult topics to discuss on a personal level.” So with that, thank you everyone for sharing and being open minded in these first few weeks of our coalition.