Week 4 Reflection
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Week 4 Reflection

Gladys Canby
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This weeks coalition was quite emotional. I thought logistically we functioned smoother than the previous weeks. I feel like we're becoming a lot more comfortable with one another, and sharing personal stories allowed us to become vulnerable and closer to one another.

Even though we have been so focused on defining terms and setting the mission statement, I thought sharing experiences related to rape culture was actually the most informative coalition we've had. It's evident that almost every one has some tie and direct experience to rape culture, so through sharing those accounts, it really offered a more holistic "definition" of the term. 

I want to thank every one for sharing their personal experiences as I know it must have been extremely difficult for so many to share, they were so brave to do so. I can start to see how this extremely sensitive topic ties so directly to every institution in our society. It is a sad reality to admit that this social injustice has become so normalized, but I feel like in this day and age, many are empowered to share their stories and to break down the tyrannical and patriarchal institutions that either turn a blind eye to the matter or simply encourage it to persist. 

This coalition is empowering and though it is based in theory, I know that the work we are doing can be applicable to truly breaking down the systemic violation that so many experience.