Week 14 Reflection
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Week 14 Reflection

Gladys Canby
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I thought this week was fairly productive. I wish we focused a little more on revising the mission statement, but I also thought your critical discussion of the graduation speaker and whether individuals who are not necessarily oppressed can be allies in the movement. I think we arrived at the conclusion that we absolutely need allies in a movement, so the graduation speaker is certainly an advocate who stands in solidarity with women. At the same time, it's still just frustrating that a white, cisgender male is representing the #metoo movement, but we'll see what he has to say. I think this discussion certainly tied into our focus on rape culture as the metoo movement is centered around giving a voice to those who have been affected by rape culture. 

The video was nice to watch, though I think it was a little too late in the semester to bring up a video again because I wish we could've spent more time on revising the mission statement. We finally did address the mission statement near the end, but I felt like we were being a little too nit-picky about the phrasing and the vocabulary. I don't think we needed to debate the topic of using the word "home" for as long as we did, but I understood the comments that were made about that. 

I really want to get straight to work on the mission statement in our last meeting. While I like our critical discussion of the metoo movement, and the racial bias incident at Cal Poly,  considering it is our last meeting, we should absolutely solidify the mission statement. I'm hopeful that we can get it all done with an hour of time.