Week 14 Reflection
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Week 14 Reflection

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This meeting was a little bit frustrating in the sense that we spent a lot of time trying to hash out points we have had access to since Soph created the google doc and this is the private responsilbity we have been talking about. If there were things that were really troublesome, it would save time if those points were brought up beforehand and not as we go since we have only so much time per session. I do like that we have a 10-point system and can get what we all need to see in it, but sometimes where the gap falls is language used (thinking of Lorde). I think the fact this 10-point system is moldable (like clay), it makes it incredibly easy to change what fits. That is the biggest thing I have seen throughout the women of color thinkers and how each theory is moldable and unstable. They have told us in different ways nothing is rigid, it is complex, it can be misunderstood, and even ugly. Nothing is ever simple, and if it is, then we are not working hard enough. If we cannot move, and we're stuck, then it is like Ang's point on constantly creating actions that will always assume there is a rape culture. Why do we have to assume? How can we get to a place we don't?