Week 14 Reflection
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Week 14 Reflection

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Took a whole semester, but I really feel like everyone is super comfortable with one another which allows for meaningful conversation. I really think we got a good start in going over our mission statement and coming up with points to add/ revise. I really hope that this is something that everyone is committed to, and posts the 10 points, instead of us just coming up with them and not doing anything with it. Since we only have one session left, we should finish creating/revising the points and decide how we are going to relay them out into the world. I think it is important that we do something concrete and productive with them, or else this will all feel like a waste of time. I would have rather us come up with a more productive and legit way of spreading awareness on the issue such as going out into the community or doing something at LMU, but since we didn't really have time for this, I think posting the 10 points should be made mandatory by everyone in the group. 

I am happy that we discussed some of the current event issues that have been happening around LMU and other universities. I think it brought for meaningful conversation to the group, as well as added to how we wanted to approach our 10 points, making sure to hit key ideas and using inclusive language. I think it's important for us to learn from our own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others, remembering that we are doing this for an important cause. Overall, these last few weeks have been super interesting. The conversations we have had have stuck with me throughout the entire semester, contributing to the conversations I have outside of class. I have been able to learn from all of you, as well as teach others, carrying this burden and this privilege in order to spread awareness on an ongoing issue.