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Week 14 Reflection Post

JD Lebowski
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These past several weeks have been ones of confusion and doubt amongst a lot of the members in the coalition. Doubt of whether or not we would be able to come up with a solid mission statement, as well as a great plan to move forward with. Yes, I wish we were in a better position than we are right now, but I believe that what we have accomplished thus far in the simulation is anything but a failure. Sure, we only have one week left to solidify this coalition’s status, but over the course of the last 14 weeks, we have created a bond amongst one another that no one outside of the classroom could ever understand. People can complain that we didn’t do enough in this simulation to create a serious mission statement, and that’s fine. However, to say that these last 14 weeks have been a failure is wholeheartedly incorrect. Maybe I’m just a “glass-half-full” type of person, but I am proud of everyone in this coalition.