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Week 14 Journal Reflection Post

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 These past couple weeks, most of the journals are focused on how little action we are actually completing in our coalition, (many of my posts said this as well) but I think our only problem is the small amount of time we had/have. It think it is evident from the posts that there is a common political commitment among us to fight rape culture. The proposed manifestations of that goal can get a little fuzzy and the differences among our experiences might not be fully discussed/smoothed out, but with all things considered I think we have done some really cool stuff having only REALLY met for less than 13 hours. So when I see the frustration in the journal posts, it is nice to take a step back and realize what we have been capable of accomplishing. From all the feedback, it truly seems like this needs to be a year long course dedicated to the student coalition. I think this, although probably impossible, would allow for endless possibilities in the long run. I did wan bring up what PencilCase said in this last week because eI think it does need to be discussed but I think I would rather leave it here, proud of the success we have made and hopeful for our final session next week.