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Week 14 Journal Reflection Post

Gladys Canby
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A lot of individuals in the week 9 journal entries talked about the controversial journal posts and how they appreciated that Tabitha brought these up so we could confront differences. A lot of people also discussed the other notion that Tabitha brought up about our hetero-normative way of speaking. Everyone was very understanding of this and thought critically about the ways in which we had been exclusive in our discussions. There was definitely some tension in this meeting, as reflected by the journal posts, but everyone won't always agree with one another, and that's okay. I was saddened to see unsweetened _coconut milk's post because they mentioned that they no longer go out anymore and it was evident that they felt like pencil cases controversial post was directly addressing the "situation that she got herself into." Pencil Case's post on week 10 was interesting too because they mentioned that a lot of people in class agreed with their post, but I didn't really get that sense. This post was quite petty and aggressive and I don't think their description of different situations really made the post any better. While they were making an effort to be "inclusive," the original post was certainly an attack on people who shared their stories in class. 

In week 10 posts we discussed the notion of power and how it ties into rape culture and overall, this was a fairly productive conversation. A lot of people also agreed that the moderator was important for the productivity of the discussion. Every post was generally positive and almost every member of the class felt like it was a very productive conversation. At the same time, some people felt like we were oversharing or that we were repeating the same point, which wasn't productive. Both Harry Potter and jane_black_doe were both frustrated with the lack of productivity and Harry Potter felt like we weren't reaching a tangible goal. I certainly felt that frustration as well. 

A lot of people in Week 12 reflected on the limited time we had left. There was also a general sense that we couldn't formulate or plan a larger-scale project, but that we could utilize the internet to do something tangible with the coalition. We were definitely pressed for time at this meeting, and I certainly noticed that class attendance was dwindling at this point which because frustrating because we felt like we couldn't formulate a mission statement with everyone present. 

Week 13 was fairly positive and everyone was generally in agreement about the 10 point mission statement that T proposed. We were acting with more urgency and we also tied our discussion to the readings, which many thought to be productive as well. 

While I understand PencilCases frustration about how we only worked for about 20 minutes on the mission statement in their week 14 post, I disagree that we should have discussed these topics on our own personal time. I thought our conversation certainly tied to the coalition considering the graduation speaker is someone who has spoken out about the metoo movement, which is directly tied to rape culture. I was really shocked by their comments: "While I understand many's frustrations in having a man speak on behalf of the metoo movement, the comment about LMU justifying bringing in white speakers this year because they "sprinkled" in some black speakers last year in the name of diversity is, in my personal and humble opinion, silly and ridiculous. Do people seriously expect that every speaker MUST be "diverse"? This argument can be taken a step further by saying our faculty isn't diverse enough and LMU is bad for having white professors. I could go on and on, but regardless, I thought "discussing" this during class was a big waste of time."

While they claim to understand our frustration, pencil case also mentioned that our frustration about the lack of diversity is "silly and ridiculous." The excuse of LMU being a very white campus is not a justifiable argument that it's okay to have white, male speakers over and over again. I really do believe that LMU needs diverse speakers because as we have learned throughout the semester, the vantage point of people of color is far more advantageous and we need to hear their voices. I was extremely disappointed by pencil cases comments and I disagree with them altogether. I still thought we were productive and it's important to have critical discussion about the instances of oppression and injustice on college campuses.