Week 13 Reflection
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Week 13 Reflection

JD Lebowski
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This week, in my opinion, went really well compared to recent weeks. We seemed more focused on the task at hand, and not so much at inputting our own experiences into the meeting. We discussed certain ways that we can spread our message to a larger audience. The idea of putting it on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) was brought up. While I do agree that by doing this more people will see our message, I am having my doubts that this is best way to educate people. Usually, when going on social media, people will try to look for stories or posts that will catch their attention. Although we can try to make our message as alluring as possible, I do not believe a lot of people will stop and truly grasp the message we are sending out. Tab brought up the idea of setting up a table somewhere on LMU and talking to students and faculty walking by and briefly talking to them what our mission statement is about. I believe that this can be a personable tactic. My idea would be to incorporate both tactics, showing both the LMU community and the surrounding community that we are 100% invested in this issue.