Week 13 Reflection
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Week 13 Reflection

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Overall, I think we are making great progress in terms of coming up a mission statement and a plan of action for how we want to put our ideas into concrete ways of resisting/advocating against rape culture in its entirety. I want to thank T for coming up with the idea of the 10 points as our mission statement rather than developing a whole paragraph for what we wish our coalition should be accomplishing. I also really liked Denise's idea of sharing our points on social media. I really feel as though people are hesitant to say they want to physically do something for the coalition knowing that there is only so much time left. I think that having everyone post our mission statements on social media platforms with a little something about our movement will allow everyone to participate with little to no time being taken up. I don't want us to come up with this mission statement and not do anything with it. I want it to be shared and become known by the world in order for resistance to continue and awareness be adopted. It is important that we decide to do something with what we come up with rather than just let these statements sit in the dust. 

I also really enjoyed the conversation and differences that came up with accountability, as well as whether our knowledge and awareness of the issues of rape culture are a privilege or a burden. I personally believe they're both, in that we are to educate others in being able to see what needs to be changed, but also the burden of having to deal with those who are ignorant. The burden of having to always see when something might be wrong or perpetuate rape culture, never being able to not see it or no it's there. It's often difficult to live with the knowledge that the world sucks, especially when you do become aware of all the horrors that take place outside of our little bubble at LMU. Life is hard, harder for some more than others, and it doesn't help that a lot of these difficulties come from systemic issues that shouldn't even be there. At the same time, knowing and be aware of these issues will allow for change, and that change is something I want to be a part of.