Week 12 Reflection
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Week 12 Reflection

Gladys Canby
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I thought we acted with more urgency this week, which allowed us to focus on our mission statement and our end goal. It was a little difficult considering there were so many absent from class that day, but I'm hopeful that our next meeting, we can all refocus on the mission statement and really solidify it. I thought the idea of attending one of the sexual assault awareness month events was great! I was really inclined to go, but at the same time, I also know that we need to really buckle down on our goals. 

I think our conversation brought up some disagreements, especially on whether our approach should be focused on campus or if we should be advocates beyond the classroom. I think this tied to our past agreement on who has the responsibility of educating, so I think it is valuable that we return to this question in our next meeting. 

I think we should utilize pre-established LMU student groups to encourage sexual assault prevention, but at the same time, we should suggest a model for how we can teach kids even at a young age on how to establish healthy relationships and understand when touching is warranted or not. I know this is a much bigger task to approach, but maybe if we could suggest a simple model, that would be great. 

I wasn't clear on if we decided on a final mission statement, so I think we should definitely re-visit that and set a plan for how this coalition will have lasting affects.