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mass sms service The Basic Keys to a Highly Responsive Opt-In Email List

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It is no secret online that one of the mass sms service keys to success is in your opt in email list. It is not the all singing and dancing web site, or great product or ad copy but your list. Do you have one? Now, some visitors will simply mass sms service not leave their details. You need to focus on the traffic that does sign up. With their details you can email them repeatedly mass sms service until they purchase, rather than the one-shot deal you get by sending them to your sales page.

It is also common knowledge that a mass sms service visitor arriving at your website for the first time may not buy from you irrespective of your great ad copy or website design. Your visitors need more contacts before they will commit. mass sms service It is a pointless exercise sending traffic (no matter the volume) to your web site without first building a lead capture system that mass sms servicewill enable you add that traffic to your opt in email mail list and follow them up.

Consider this. If your web site mass sms service converts at 1% and your average buyer purchases after the 7th contact, you are probably losing 3-4 sales for every one you get. How long can you keep up such losses? That 1% conversion rate should probably be 3, 4, or even 5%.Here is what to do. Use a squeeze page as a gateway to your site. In order for your mass sms service traffic to get into your site, they must give you their email and name in exchange for your free ebook, free software, free newsletter or free report, etc.

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