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Week 9 Journal Reflection

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I wanted to bring up iron maiden's recent Week 9 post about Tabitha introducing us using more inclusive language because I agree with both of them. I want to ensure that our coalition is inclusive of all people and language, therefore, we should try to use more language that is relatable. However, iron maiden addressed how if you are not too familiar with LGBTQ+ language and terms, then this could be difficult, and I agree. I find Tabitha to be very insightful but instead of expecting us to be able to put us in the shoes of and LGBTQ+person, I would appreciate it if she could maybe catch us when we're slipping, or let us know if she prefers certain terms over others. I feel that everyone should do their research on this, because I think it is pivotal to our growth, but Tabitha can serve as a more experienced tool to help guide us in this area. So thank you to both Tabitha and iron maiden. 🙂

I also want to address Pencilcase's journal reflection post. I can definitely see how it is difficult to bring up how you really feel in class, especially when it seems like everyone else is more in agreement. However, I am sure if you did bring certain things up, that you could bring in a perspective that might alter people's opinions on the matter. I still encourage you to be honest because I find that to be more helpful in our growth. I do not think people will judge you or like you any less as a person. I look around the room and I can't see myself disliking anyone in the classroom for their beliefs. I have many friends outside of this class who believe in completely different ideologies from what I believe, but nonetheless, I still have love and respect for them. If there is any disagreement that comes from this coalition, then that difference (according to WOC feminists) is the key component to coalition and creating change. It is an important tool, so I encourage people to speak out, especially if you disagree with what you think the rest of us agree.