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Week 9 Journal Reflection Post

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Well, to say the least, everyone needs to be more honest with themselves and everyone else. I really feel like in order to be productive at all we need to start saying our differences even if it makes everyone uncomfortable. Obviously easier said than done, and I know I have had moments, like PencilCase, where I have held back from speaking out just because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.  At this point, everyone feels like the conversations aren't going anywhere, whether they are meaningful or not, if people aren't going to share their differences then this isn't a coalition at all. It's simply a group of students having a discussion about things that happen in the world. It seems like everyone is a little frustrated with how things have been going, and honestly so am I. It's also frustrating when meaning topics are brought up but we all kind of just scratch the surfaces of what could be a really engaging conversation. However, I've noticed that people are avoiding going deeper into these discussions, asking the hard questions, but instead are moving on like there's nothing more to talk about. I obviously understand why this is happening, I am not saying that I don't do it too because there are definitely days where I feel like I don't care since no one else does. But seriously, we're all adults and we need to be able to make the most out this simulation. I forget who said this, but I kind of agree about the whole anonymity thing, because most of the time I would rather say fuck it and just say who I am so we can start getting to the point, but because I might have opinions that would really get intense I'm like oh well not my problem. But aside from that I think we should all just try to be more open. Reagon was right. Coalitions are hard, they're hard because we all want to have these really meaningful and engaging conversation but no one is willing to go the distance to get there. No one is willing to put themselves out there, ask the hard questions, and get the class to really participate. I think that should be everyone's goal from now on. Don't just be ready to sit behind a computer and say whatever you want because no one knows who you are. Step up to the plate and let's get shit done in class.