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week 7

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I think this weeks simulation went by really well, even though we were in disagreement over a couple of things. The conversations on women objectifying themselves purposefully to gain something was interesting. For me, I think that if someone is objectifying themselves then it is up to them, the issue with rape culture is objectifying someone else without their consent. However, someone did raise an important point, that often people objectify themselves because they have no choice. This statement is a little murky. For example, it would be hard for me to believe that anyone on social media had no choice but to objectify themselves publicly online to earn a living, I don't buy that. On the other hand, I don't think it's a bad thing. I don't think it's negative the way others see it. If people want to do it, then it's up to them. And I'm totally in agreement with Ciara on the fact that if someone falls for a sponsorship then that is on them, not on the person doing the advertising. The interesting thing we talked about was using language that can be derogatory as endearing towards friends. This is a tough one too, I am not yet sure on where I stand on it. I think re-claiming something for yourself is extremely powerful, but also I do think that it may do more bad than good on a larger scale. Regardless, I do like the idea that Sophie brought up about re-claiming certain words like slut.

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I agree that the notion of choice was a very good point to bring up. I disagree with the notion that you find the idea of choice and objectification murky. I think that you find it to be murky, because you are thinking too narrowly in terms of context. From what I remember objectification of one's own body to make money not only included Instagram, but strippers, and prostitutes as well. I am curious to know if you think that a woman who was pimped out by her own mother when she was 12 had the choice when she became 18 to become a stripper or prostitute or whatever degrading and objectifying job just to make money. I have worked for the DA, and criminal attorney's, and this is just a glimpse of the trauma people are faced with in society and as a result end up in the situations they do because of it. Now, I am not saying that people like Kim Kardashian do not have a choice when it comes to objectifying her body, but what I am saying is that the majority of the world does not have that luxury to make the choice that she is making. They do not have the privilege to make it look glamorous and empowering. People are vulnerable, and in turn, manipulated to do things that you could never imagine and the notion of choice really doesn't apply to them. That is my personal opinion from the experiences that I have had throughout my life and the stories that I have read.