Week 6 Reflection
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Week 6 Reflection

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This week was interesting because we all kind of got to speak about our reaction posts and although it seemed like AJ was very sorry about his actions he did not have any reason to be. I remember him asking the group as a whole if it was okay for him to be moderator and everyone seemed to be okay with it. However we did not even have a moderator this week and it seemed to work very well. However I think that this should be an open space for people to talk about certain things that they also see that makes them uncomfortable or that makes them feel some type of way. 

Next I like that we began to talk about the music industry and how we listen to these lyrics and we sing to them, dance to them, but once we sit down and actually listen to them they are very demeaning especially to women. Although the music, and entertainment industry is a huge thing in society that we try to examine it is still something that we need to talk about. We must see that if there is music that talks badly about women and just objectifies women and if a majority of men listen to this then it will continue to perpetuate the problem. 

Now as for the argument about nice guys/good guys who sing about this  and in real life they actually treat their gfs well then they too are perpetuating the problem. Instead of standing up and speaking against this, making music against this they go with the flow to make more money or to appeal to the audience. 

Another problem I have with this argument is that a lot of the times when these men have kids especially  girls they want to protect them from bad guys and they want someone to treat them right but they  themselves have music that degrades women.

We have to also see how patriarchy and how the stereotype that men should have "hoes" and not show any type of feeling because that is now "what a man" does. 

Overall this is a very big problem because this is in all forms of media from music, tv shows, movies, and just about everything else.