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Journal Reflection Post #1

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Something that stood out to me about what others were saying in their reflection was their opinions on what a moderator/mediator/facilitator, should be doing. This was from our second simulation session when some people felt that our moderator for that day was over stepping her line, however, i am in agreement that she wasn’t and rather was simply trying to do her job. And no that does not include silencing people. However, I think we can’t just put all the responsibility on the moderator but we all must shoulder some of it as well. It’s on us to keep ourselves in check and make sure we aren’t hogging the speaking time, especially if we aren’t contributing in any way.


Someone made a comment about us not having to rush and how we don’t need to be saving time, I disagree. I understand that things take time, but also, our coalition is not just a discussion panel for us to discuss rape culture. We are not simply discussing, we are coalescing. To me that means we need to be active, and we aren’t going to be active by repeating the same things over and over again, getting off topic, and talking over each other. So I do think it is important for us to be time efficient to reach our goal which is our mission statement.


I really liked and agree with what jane_black_doe said in her week 3 post and I’m going to quote it to keep it as a reference: “It might be habitual to call it like you see it, but we never know the true extent of someone else’s experiences. So, we need to be attentive, considerate, yet firm in our mission statement and in solidarity with those who been sexually abused.

 The topic of rape culture is morally exhausting for some, and that is why our coalition needs to come together even when we see things from a separate perspective. The language we use and how we speak to one another is something we definitely need to be aware of, and as we move forward, sharing that either before or after each meeting would be something to serve as a reminder of such.”


Overall, it seems that after we have shared personal stories with each other, everyone feels that things have gotten better. Our interaction with each other is better, and the tension has subsided, thankfully, and most of us have acknowledged that. I also like that many of us have acknowledged that we need to be attentive not only to how people are victimized in this culture, but also those who help perpetuate, whether consciously or unconsciously. While many of us seem to like how the past two weeks have been in terms of sharing personal experiences, many have also noted that we have yet to have a clear direction, but hopefully that will be resolved this upcoming week.