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Coalition Review - Week 5

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I'm sorry this is late.  I posted a response to someone else's post thinking that was one way to write this reflection.  Clearly, I was wrong, my bad.

Themes currently reexpressed through the online journal:

  • moderator (yes/no? who? good/bad? etc)
  • victim-blaming
  • stepping up or taking a step back
  • what the hell are we doing and are we doing it fast enough?
  • where do we go from here

Time is of the essence.  What does this mean?  Does it mean time is like money, wasted if it isn't used, skewed by social constructions to benefit some, abused by others, or never allocated to others?  I think it means time is of OUR ESSENCE, meaning that however our souls decide to use/manipulate the time is a reflection of our essence.  If we keep pushing for action when some of us don't even know why their in the coalition in the first place, then the essence of the time and the coalition will be sloppy, mishandled and lacking--because we are so caught up in running a race that we are burning ourselves out, forgetting that this is a marathon and its gonna take time, practice, calculation and constant dedication to get through it.  I get that realistically, we are on a time clock of 15 weeks.  But the words we share will be imprinted in some (if not all) our memories FOREVER. 

What am I trying to say?  If you have something to say, SAY IT.  If you have something to give, GIVE IT.  If you have an idea, SHARE IT.  Time is of the essence, and how would you like to characterize the time we spend together?  Would you rather characterize it as a forced coalition that produced half-ass actions that applies band-aid solutions and misunderstandings in order to feel like we did something?  Or would you rather give ourselves space and time so we can maybe share the words that will lead all of us to leave better people?  Natural, organic and living essences require time to become cohesive and grow into their potential.  Let all of us grow in our potential.  Bring the journals that bother you or speak to you in class so we can talk about them.  Share that heartwrenching story or that simple day at the park so we can find the common ground and the different perspective--both in which we need DESPERATELY.  More importantly, show me you care about me enough to actually talk to me and want to work with me.  I'd rather we waste our time reminding each other we are human and breaking down our own faults as opposed to looking for solutions.  That's just me tho.  So don't quote me, cuz I ain't say shit.  

We will get to where we are going together so long as we allow all of us to show up.  But to show up, you gotta show out and walk it like you talk it.  A lot of us make solid points online and hardly say things in class, or some of us do neither or both well.  Either way, its time for us to start looking at these definitions that we talked so much about, but not through the critically analytical lens that we paid LMU so much for--and placed our privileged asses at the top of the ivory tower.  We need to start defining them through our experiences, our learned ideologies/theologies, our own existence.  That way we can move forward while also allowing space for us to grow, change and shift through this process.  We can get to where we are trying to go organically, so long as we agree that one, moderator or not, we need to respect each other and come into the room fully engaged.  Two, even if something bothers us, we will work through all understandings on all sides together in order to rework the thoughts/actions/words themselves so that all are more reflective of what is human.  Three, what happens in the space depends on how we use the space, so if we want action that brings humanity back to rape culture, then we gotta be humans in the space, not students looking to complete an assignment or find the God particle that will solve the issue of rape culture overnight.  This culture has been perpetuated for years beyond our existence: what makes your ass think that our actions in these 15 weeks alone will even put a dent in it?  If we really wanna change it, we gotta change how we understand the culture, and talk to each other so that we reach the same understanding--or at least share mutual respect in our handling of the actions, words, and thoughts we intend to use to combat this structure.