Week 4 Reflection
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Week 4 Reflection

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This past weeks coalition meeting went very well. In the past, I know that I did not like how the meeting was conducted in that everybody felt the need to talk at the same time. During this meeting, no one felt the need to talk over anyone and I feel that that was because we were sharing personal stories and how rape culture plays a role in our lives individually. I really appreciated everyone that came forth to share. The topic of rape culture is one that is not easy no matter what role you play in it. I like how each group member was honest in the ways that they perpetuate rape culture rather than just acting like they are only a victim in rape culture. I think it is very interesting to look into the ways that one is not only victimized but also how one perpetuates rape culture. This dichotomy is always interesting to me and I want the group to definitely reflect on it further. I am sad that not everyone got to be there on the first day of sharing stories because I feel that they missed out on a bonding experience. This last meeting was definitely one that brought us all closer together because we were sharing very personal experiences. I look forward to more stories and bonding time.