Week 3- Meeting #2
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Week 3- Meeting #2

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This week’s meeting had been much more productive than last week’s because we were able to give terms definitions tailored to the coalition we have, and our mission statement. I believe as things transgress and we hit certain areas of rape culture, the definitions and mission statement will need to shift towards the goal we have for that session. Then once we reach the end of the simulation, we will have been able to provide the applicable aspects to changing, or hopefully near eliminating rape culture. 

Something I would like to see next meeting are the different ways in which rape culture thrives in the very institutions we will be looking at. There are different forms rape culture takes place because of the power dynamics, the ways laws/policies keep the victim from wanting to report sexual abuse. When we begin to share stories, whether they be our personal experiences or not, we need to remind ourselves the importance of the language used. It might be habitual to call it like you see it, but we never know the true extent of someone else’s experiences. So, we need to be attentive, considerate, yet firm in our mission statement and in solidarity with those who been sexually abused.

 The topic of rape culture is morally exhausting for some, and that is why our coalition needs to come together even when we see things from a separate perspective. The language we use and how we speak to one another is something we definitely need to be aware of, and as we move forward, sharing that either before or after each meeting would be something to serve as a reminder of such.