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Week 14 Reflection on weeks 9-14

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After reading some of the posts and those specifically from the week 14 discussion, I wanted to touch on the question of whether it was rational or not to bring up the commencement speaker in our group discussion. The issue seems relevant enough to me considering the speaker has made his career off publically writing on the rape of his sister. Next, why are we deciding what qualifies as a reasonable content for debate? Doesn’t that restrict speech and limit conversation right off the bat?

I think one of the biggest issues with anonymity and the online journal as a pseudo-public forum is that it allows people to be bold and personal without actual accountabIlity.  The difference being, in a face to face conversations, your identity is not as protected. I think calling it “silly” and so forth is not constructive to our larger project mainly because the disagreement lived only in the context of the online forum and social media space. This topic seems consistent, at least in my opinion, with ideas Women of Color feminists addressed across their work on institutionalized oppression.