Week 12 Reflection
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Week 12 Reflection

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I am glad we had much shorter of a time span to get things done because I feel as if we would have started sharing more experiences rather than actually talk about what we need to do for next week. I think we need to fix our mission statement, and that is the plan to have some version everyone has been able to contribute. Although we had people missing, we were still able to get something going. We only have so much time left so I hope everyone comes prepared with their own versions of a mission statement and we can work out the differences that will lead us to a manifesto. 

We did have the time to create something on campus, but now, it is too late to do something together as a coalition. This does not mean on an individual level, we cannot do our part to resist the ways rape culture has deeply rooted itself into the institution of the university. There are still things we have talked about in class we can do outside of the room and our coalition. If anything, the experiences we have shared have taught us the different ways to refuse, approach, etc. other people's situtations. In saying that, we still have a lot of work to do, but if we keep ourselves accountable on time, we can get a good amount done.