Week 11 Reflection
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Week 11 Reflection

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This week I think was very important. I think that when thinking about resistant there will be stories that people think about and I think it is important to listen to one another because if someone shares their experience it might may someone realize another aspect of rape culture and we can use this once we start writing our mission statement. I think it is important for each of us to also look at other mission statements so we can start to get an idea of how we would like our mission statement to be. I also really like that people are critical of things and how they really examine everything. I think this is important because we need someone to examine our coalition and to make us realize that we are in a place of privilege where we can talk about rape culture. Over all I think that next week the coalition will continue to move forward and people who are ready for the mission statement as well those who want to think about the next steps will be happy to move on to.