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Week 11

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So I am quite frustrated by our coalition now. I think we aren't really heading towards any tangible goals or coalition actions. I understand the value of personal experiences and they are very great to hear but I really want to start using our experiences to start creating something out of this coalition. Maybe I am too optimistic in the power of our coalition, but I truly think we could do something if we wanted to/had the drive to. I think we were starting to get somewhere when Ange started focusing in on education but once again the conversation shifted from what we can do now to what happened that one time in gym class 7 years ago. This might be a little aggressive and I really do appreciate hearing about all the experiences of everybody, but I think we need to start working on our manifesto and really getting our ideas for progress out there so we can discuss, disagree, change, define, redefine, them and move forward.