Week 10 Reflection
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Week 10 Reflection

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I actually really enjoyed this week's conversation. I liked the point someone said about using the word "resistance." I think it was Ang that mentioned that by using that word we are constantly avoiding a problem that is assumed to always be there. While I agree that using that rhetoric might be counter-productive, I feel it might be a little unrealistic to believe that these kinds of injustices and evils can be completely erased. Obviously in an ideal world that is the goal, but a little unrealistic to think it won't ever be there. However, I do agree that we might need to change our rhetoric and language in discussing the issue in order to fight such oppression. We need to use language that will help combat the issue in a final and consistent manner. One way to do this would be through teaching these methods from a young age. I really enjoyed how we brought different issues of influence to the table and why it might be so difficult to actually fight rape culture. People suggested that teaching children from a young age about body respect and not to rape, as well as familial and cultural influences that affect the ways for which these issues might stem. We are really starting to get to the root of the issue in order to come up with ways for which we want to start fighting these systems of oppression. Great discussion overall.