Week 10 Reflection
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Week 10 Reflection

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I really enjoyed this week's meeting. It really felt as though the conversations were flowing in the right direction. I know I've been critical in the past that we need to be more open, but I really feel as though the dialogue within the group is becoming more comfortable, especially since Tabitha emphasized the need to be more inclusive with our language. I really felt as though that in itself brought everyone's attention to a point where we have to discuss things that we might not know about or even be comfortable speaking on for the lack of knowledge of that group. I know for me personally that I try to be inclusive with the language I use, but I also would not want to overstep any boundaries considering I do not identify within that group and would not want to misspeak. Highlighting this point felt kind of like a call to action in that everyone seems to be more aware of their language and the bigger picture now. We are no longer going back and forth on our experiences but on the deeper issues that have developed over time within rape culture, issues that need to be eliminated from society. The conversations we had about the things that happen within heterosexual couples as well as LGBT couples is important because it brings attention to the root of the issues within our society. I am really happy we are talking about masculinity and femininity because it shows that we are not delving deeper into the topic, thinking critically about how these issues within rape culture have developed, and why they have gone on for so long. Being able to see the issues within many groups brings all of the issues into light, allowing us possible solutions for how to combat rape and the systemic issues that have followed in rape culture.