Week 10 Reflection
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Week 10 Reflection

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We were very productive this week. Angelica started us off by showing us a documentary trailer for Mask, that was about the issue of masculinity among men, and how the pressure for men to be masculine can lead to depression and suicide. I thought that tied into our topic of rape culture because of the theme of power, which we also decided to discuss. If men grow up feeling the need to be stronger and more powerful than others, then this behavior can be reflected in relationships. Similarly, another point that was brought up was that in rape culture, while some people may feel "masculine," others may feel powerless. 

Another thing we emphasized this week was the LGBTQ+ community and how this notion of masculinity versus femininity also affects them and that it seems almost natural that in relationships, one has to take on the masculine role while the other takes on the feminine role. Overall I think these topics should be further discussed because I do think that this may be at the root of our problem.